18 Mayıs 2009 Pazartesi

Game nr 1 from Poland "Geese, geese, back home!"

One child is a 'wolf' (A) and remains in the midfield between 'the house' and 'the field'. The remaining children are the 'geese' (B). A game leader asks 'geese, what are you afraid of'? Following the geese (B) reply 'we are afraid of the wicked wolf', the game leader repeats 'geese, geese return home' and geese (B) try to get home. On their way 'home' the wolf (A) catches/grasps as many geese as he can. Next the geese (B) return to 'the field' and the wolf (A) does his stuff again i.e. catches the geese (B) on their way to 'the field' this time. The game ends while the wolf (A) has caught all the geese (B).

The dialogue:

- Geese, geese, back home!
- We are afraid.
- What are you afraid of?
- Whe wicked wolf.
- Where is he?
- Ahead of us.
- What is he doing?
- He is sharpening his knife to 'kill us'.
- Geese, geese back home!!!

Have a good time!

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