30 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

Country, country, we want soldiers!

Country, country, we want solders!
Children sit face to face on two lines
First group requires:
- Country, country, we want solders!
- You want?
- Want …Ana
The child wich was asked runs to the front line and tries to break row.
If successful, he had the right to take him a prisoner.
If not successful, will remain in the other team.

29 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

step step :)

In this game you draw a path to the ground. You draw squares, give a number to each square. Start with throwing a stone to the number 1 square. The players aim to finish the path, and turn back without stepping on the drawn lines. Its original name is 'sek sek'

look behind :)

This game is played while you're sitting. You sit in a circle shape, and one of the players is turning around this circle by holding a scarf in his hand. Meanwhile, he is singing the play's song. Suddenly, he put the scarf on of the sitting players back. When the player realises, he begins to run till he comes to the players seat. And the other tries to catch him before he sits his seat.

Its original name is 'yağ satarım, bal satarım'

our games :) it goes it goes

This game is played with a ball. There is no exact number of player. One of the player throw up the ball with saying '' it goes, it goes Sezer! (name of one of the players)'' . The player whose name is called, tries to catch the ball. If he catches the ball without falling to the ground, he shouts 'STOP' and everybody stops, then he throws it up again. But if the ball falls to the ground, the other players start to run away before he catches the ball. Because, he will call a color and if the players can't find a thing in that color, he will shoot them with the ball.

Its original name is 'istop'

Our Games :) stone, paper, scissors

And this is one of our games. This game is played with two people. They hide one of their hand behind them. They say 'stone', 'paper', 'scissors' and by showing one of the things by hand, they try to bite each other. Stone breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, paper holds stone.

28 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

22 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

Game nr 7 from Poland "Tomato"

In this game is taking a part at least 2 people. Among whole players is choosen one person who is called tomato man.This person is asking questions to other participants and they have to always respond for question tomato. If somebody is laughing or making mistake he is loosing and has to give to tomato man something ( for example schoes etc. ). At the end of the game whole participants has to pay back for their things instead of doing some tasks ( for example sing a song or physical excercises ).

21 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

Game nr 6 from Poland „Knuckles”

We need two people. They stand in front of each other and pull out both hands. One is trying to hit the other`s hands. The other pulls back his hands. When one is hits the other`s hand, they change.

Game nr 5 from Poland "Tag - Dziadzia"

The rules to „Dziadzia” are very simple. All we need is a group of kids. One person is designed as “Dziadzia”. He or she runs around and tries to touch someone else. The child he touch is now “Dziadzia” and tries to chase everyone else.

20 Mayıs 2009 Çarşamba

Game nr 4 from Poland “Skipping a rope in four world’s directions”

“Skipping a rope in four world’s directions”

You skip three times and you throw the rope behind yourself. Then you must say how far is the rope, how many steps and the size of steps (big or small). If you say it correctly you skip once again, if not it is the other child’s turn.

Game nr 3 from Poland “Old bear sleeps hard”

“Old bear sleeps hard”

Children are standing in the circle holding each other hands. In the centre of the circle one child crouch pretend sleeping bear. Children go in the circle and sing a song:

Old bear sleeps hard,

old bear sleeps hard

we are afraid of him,

we go on toes,

because when he wakes up, he`ll eat us.

After waking up old bear catches one child who is close to the bear and this child become new old bear.

Enjoy youself!