18 Haziran 2009 Perşembe

Quality Label

We've had it :)
You can apply for and get it, too...
Many special thanks to my partners :)

17 Haziran 2009 Çarşamba


Children sit in a circle and hold hands. At a signal they are mixed, but they may loose their hands.A child (who has not seen the moves of others) comes and reconstruct the circle.

3 Haziran 2009 Çarşamba

coming to the last step

We are coming to the last step!! As soon as the other members add their videos, we will have been completed our project and applied for the Quality Label :)

1 Haziran 2009 Pazartesi

shooting ball :)

This is a team game. There are two teams. No exact number for the games. One team is inside, and the other one is outside. The outside team try to shoot the inside team's members with the ball. If they shoot one, he is out of the game. If he catches the ball, he has one more chance to play even he is shooted. All the members of the inside team are shooted, then the outside team takes a part inside. It's name in our language is 'yakartop'